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Light Up Your Outdoor Space

In 2016, I planted 5 skip laurels along one edge of the patio in the backyard. These are low maintenance evergreens that provide some privacy.

In 2018....

And 2021...

In the spring, fragrant, dainty white flowers bloom throughout this lush living wall and add a pretty backdrop to the outdoor seating area.

I added strings of outdoor lights strung on wooden posts.

I am thrilled with the results and this combination of greenery and lights has provided us with an inviting as well as relaxing outdoor space. When they are in bloom in the spring the delicate, lacey blooms are quite fragrant.

This, as dusk approaches.

The golden hour.

And at night it is luminescent!

This was an easy project and very fulfilling. We now have a retreat in our very own backyard. More details about the project - the posts and the lights in another post.

Thank you for stopping by!


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