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Lisa Rozario


Decorating is an art that is constantly evolving. As we move through various phases in our lives it is essential to adapt our surroundings to reflect our changing needs and consequently update and freshen up a space. This could be done minimally or on a larger scale; repainting a room, changing the art on the walls, buying a new area rug, or changing the window treatments are a few ways in which this can be accomplished.


A crucial component of my decorating style involves listening to my clients and taking their needs and lifestyles into consideration when determining the best approach for each project.  I strongly believe that functionality and beauty should go hand in hand with comfort, which is paramount.


When possible, I love to include inherited or antique pieces or items of significance to the client, be it artwork, an artefact, or an item of furniture. I believe this makes a space more interesting and is something to spark conversation.

As a little girl I was inspired by my surroundings, homes I lived in and places I visited. My parents would buy exquisite artwork and unique pieces of antique furniture. There was always some color on the walls, even if just on an accent wall. My style of decorating is influenced by my time spent living in other countries, my travels globally as well as my passion for color, and as a result, one of my objectives is to incorporate color in some form.


I am enthusiastic about my work and I love that I can help my clients transform their spaces. 

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