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A simple bath renovation

A fun project. The homeowners loved how it turned out.

This was a small space devoid of much natural light. The homeowners wanted everything changed except the bathtub. The existing beige tiles overwhelmed the space.

I decided to incorporate large glossy white subway tiles to reflect light and brighten the space. The floor tiles were white with subtle gray veining and I chose a marble mosiac tile also with veining in shades of gray for the wall behind the shower fixtures to add interest. The shower curtain was replaced with a shower door to allow light in from the window.

I was very happy with the result. A simple renovation but a huge difference on completion. It looks like a spa bath.

If you need help with a renovation for a powder room or a full-size bath, or just need help selecting tiles and fixtures, email me at to schedule an appointment for a 15-minute complimentary call to discuss your project.

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